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Malika Cantor

Comet Labs
Malika is a Partner at Comet Labs. She is devoted to bringing great ideas to life. She has experience in finance, management, branding and marketing, and excels at propelling early-stage and mature-stage products to the market. She has overseen the development and growth of applications and hardware in the education, healthcare and telecom fields, in Asia, Europe and North America. Malika holds degrees from the University of Cambridge, MIT, London Business School, and Tsinghua University. About Comet Labs: One part investment fund. One part experimental research lab. We believe that Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are the next frontier for innovation and will be the driving force behind enormous transformations in traditional industries. We want to ensure that the technology serves humanity in the best ways imaginable. We're not called Comet Capital for a reason. Investment alone is not enough. We are first and foremost a platform. Our mission is to foster collaboration between startups and industry stakeholders so that we can push technology forward, faster. We explore big challenges with entrepreneurs, technologists, academics, and corporate partners in our Labs with the purpose of building innovative businesses together. www.cometlabs.io